Monday, 9 May 2016

Trip to Slimbridge

I had a college trip on Friday which I was half looking forward to and half not, half not because of the weather. Yes I hate the sun. There I said it, well I dont hate the sun I hate the heat that comes with it. Maybe its because I get bad hay fever or maybe its because I dont feel comfortable wearing shorts or crop tops, YET.

However that being said, I had an AMAZING time, it was such a cute place and I was with amazing people. The first part of the journey was a nightmare I have to say. I forgot how uncomfortable it was to be on a coach especially when I am not small and have long legs meaning I was uncomfortable most of the way there. When we finally got off the coach we had to sit in a cinema type room where we learnt all about how Slimbridge wetland centre was helping to bring nearly extinct species back. Then we had a few more talks in some hides where I didnt really listen but just took some BOMB ass photos.

I have to say my favourite part about the trip apart from getting to take pictures and feeding the (Vicious) Swans it was the picnic we had. We had all brought foods like strawberries,grapes, jaffa cakes, Jam tarts etc. And ended up with having ALOT of food which we could not finish but the settign was beyond beautiful we had a lake in the background and grass with the BLAZING sun which was actually nice plus I didnt get any hayfever! 

Have any of you guys visited one of the centres before? 

Saturday, 30 January 2016

January Favourites!

So its the first month of the year done! Or the first chapter, whatever it is it went by fast and alot has happened! First of all I finished my first semester of college, and now I have a few days free of assignments! Also... I got a tattoo!!! Yes I found something I liked and then within a week I decided to go ahead and get a tattoo. Even though some of my friends were against me getting a tattoo so young I always think whatever age you get one you could regret it so why not. The tattoo is beautiful and is defiantly in my favourites so I shall start with that.

1. Elephant Tattoo
I was so scared to get this done because I have a very VERY low pain tolerance however it wasn't that bad! Obviously it hurt a little but it was bearable and it mainly felt like it was burning. And I love it! And if I ever was to regret it its so easy to cover up with jeans/leggings or even socks.

2. Book
Book wise my favourite this month (That I actually read last year) is defiantly Dark Inside, I couldn't put this book down once I had started reading this and its one of the best books I have ever read with a storyline with massive plot twists. Its different chapters are from different point of views which I didn't think I would like however it was amazing! P.S This picture is not of the book!
Title: D4ark Inside Author: Jeyn Roberts

3. Make-up
There are two make-up products that I have been obsessed with this month the first one being a bronze, shimmer and highlight from revolution. The shimmer is so pretty and this is the only bronzer that I have been able to use and blend in well but still not look obvious. The other make-up item is a Matte finish lipstick, Bourjois Rouge Edition velvet in the colour Nude-ist. This is such a pretty nude/pink colour and it stays on for most of the day!

4. Perfume:

This perfume has a beautiful fragrance which I wear daily, I wouldn't wear it on a night out but in the day as it is light but not to overpowering. The bottle is also beautiful and is a large size so I wont run out any time soon.

5. Necklace

This beautiful piece is by a youtuber called Anna Saccone, this necklace I got for christmas which was very unexpected as I thought it was going to be to much money. I wear this everyday and it goes with everything. I got it in the star sign Libra and in rose gold.
Here is where you can get one

Comment what you have been loving this month!!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

ITS 2016!!!

Okay so first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you spent the night partying or staying in with family or friends. I for one went out to a party that was also a birthday party and had such a good time, Ill include pictures at the end.

However with the new year brings new year resolutions that I will probably never complete but we can hope right?

1: HAVE MORE FUN: Stop being so hesitant to try new things, go new places and meet new people. I've recently started doing this and I have had so much more fun rather than staying in doing nothing but watching TV. I want to be more spontaneous and just live life,

2.DON'T GET OVERWHELMED: With college comes ALOT of assignments especially since mine is a BTEC course (since there are no A-levels available for my course) therefore I keep getting very stressed and end up not completing the assignments to the best of my ability so I need to keep calm and remember I only have a year and a bit left.

3.TAKE MORE ADVENTURES: As well as wanting to go on a small holiday I want to go out and have adventures, with friends, family or even alone. I also want to take some sweet pics so a nice background would do me well.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Winter Wonderland!


I’m currently in between writing five assignments, but I thought I would take a break even though I just came off my last break but oh well. 
Last week I went to the Snow Dome and it was so Christmassy! I got covered in snow and then got something in my eye which hurt like hell, when we first got there we walked down where a man dressed up as a snowman was talking well shouting about what we were going to do. He was so enthusiastic I don’t know how he did it. We went into the snow area where there was loud Christmas music, sledging and snowball fights. The Christmas tree was massive! And there was so many different lights and decorations up. 

Then there was a show with all the Christmas characters, Santa, Mrs Clause, a reindeer, a polar bear that was a post man and tiny chef. It was actually really funny and the Santa was sarcastic so not only was it funny for children but for the adults too.
After that we went to see all the animals and there was a wide variety even piglets! There was also reindeers and goats, but the pigs were my favourite! After we spent ages in there it was time to but before we got a family picture on a sleigh and then got some chocolate!
It was really fun and got me in the Christmas spirit, but then had to come home and do work L
No rest for the wicked

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Tired update on life.

I’m tired.
I’m very tired.
Now I’m a person who hates going to sleep and would rather stay up all night watching Grimm but once I’m asleep there’s no waking me up. So basically I like to sleep in most of the morning except now with college and work every Friday and weekend I don’t get any of them anymore. I hate where I work but I don’t really have much of a choice if I want to buy people Christmas presents (which I have already started EXCITING I KNOW) so I have to stick with it.
As for college… it’s going really well! I am really enjoying my course (except ecology but we all have a lesson we hate) I have great friends there and the course itself is going great. I’ve handled lots of animals so far even a tarantula YES I KNOW TERRIFYING


I also started driving lessons which are terrifying. It’s so weird being in the driver’s seat, when I was little I used to pretend I was driving but now it’s for real. Send me back please.
I never have time to go out anymore as I’m either at college, work or writing up assignments. I know it will all be worth it in the end but I feel drained. However a tip to help you study (well it helps me) is to listen to classical music. I found a playlist on 8 tracks with new songs in old style but I didn’t like it so I can’t find it again great.
I also turned 17!!

I think that’s all the updates done, I wanted to write and update on what’s been happening in my life but my mind is out of words as I just finished an assignment, thank god that’s done and submitted though.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Day to Night.

Ever wondered how to turn an outfit from day to night? My opinion is that shoes, coats or even choice of hair style can make the difference in an outfit.

Hair: Both Pinterest
Day Jacket:??? No longer sold I had found it here-

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Holiday Burn

14 miles, but worth the view
I hope your ready for a pile of pictures because I have loads to share.

Where do I start, well Me, Hollie (cousin), My brother, my younger cousin and my aunty all went on holiday together. We went to Burnham and stayed in a caravan.

To start off the holiday was the drive down there, which ended up being 4 hours. Good thing we had my hella good playlist on replay.
Outside the caravan 
We made a stop off at Starbucks, obviously..

We went everyday, and meet some cute pool boys,

Ahh, the 'pool boys' we named them pool boys because we always and I mean always saw them in the pool. Then when we were playing pool in the arcade they where there too! But then, we later found out they had girlfriends. It was literally so depressing :'D even though we had talked to them once.
It hurt so bad

So, while swimming and checking out the hot life guards. Everyone got kicked out the pool, we found out it was because some had pooped YES POOPED in the pool. The same water we was swimming in and accidentally swallowing. We all ran back to the caravan.

On our way up Brean down

My skirt flew up that day, my dignity gone.

We won

We went and walked up Brean Down, 14 miles! The view was worth it though. Our great nans ashes where spread up by the old fourt and things got pretty emotional. We had a picnic and talked about poo alot. The whole holiday was a laugh.

This was about half way up...

We also went into the town and I got presents for everyone,

We also got to see Same Difference preform, the guy was so damn hot. But also very cheesy.

The sun was amazing and we stopped and had chips on the beach, oh how British of us.
That fingertip tho.

I also got chased down by seagulls