Saturday, 28 November 2015

Winter Wonderland!


I’m currently in between writing five assignments, but I thought I would take a break even though I just came off my last break but oh well. 
Last week I went to the Snow Dome and it was so Christmassy! I got covered in snow and then got something in my eye which hurt like hell, when we first got there we walked down where a man dressed up as a snowman was talking well shouting about what we were going to do. He was so enthusiastic I don’t know how he did it. We went into the snow area where there was loud Christmas music, sledging and snowball fights. The Christmas tree was massive! And there was so many different lights and decorations up. 

Then there was a show with all the Christmas characters, Santa, Mrs Clause, a reindeer, a polar bear that was a post man and tiny chef. It was actually really funny and the Santa was sarcastic so not only was it funny for children but for the adults too.
After that we went to see all the animals and there was a wide variety even piglets! There was also reindeers and goats, but the pigs were my favourite! After we spent ages in there it was time to but before we got a family picture on a sleigh and then got some chocolate!
It was really fun and got me in the Christmas spirit, but then had to come home and do work L
No rest for the wicked

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