Saturday, 30 January 2016

January Favourites!

So its the first month of the year done! Or the first chapter, whatever it is it went by fast and alot has happened! First of all I finished my first semester of college, and now I have a few days free of assignments! Also... I got a tattoo!!! Yes I found something I liked and then within a week I decided to go ahead and get a tattoo. Even though some of my friends were against me getting a tattoo so young I always think whatever age you get one you could regret it so why not. The tattoo is beautiful and is defiantly in my favourites so I shall start with that.

1. Elephant Tattoo
I was so scared to get this done because I have a very VERY low pain tolerance however it wasn't that bad! Obviously it hurt a little but it was bearable and it mainly felt like it was burning. And I love it! And if I ever was to regret it its so easy to cover up with jeans/leggings or even socks.

2. Book
Book wise my favourite this month (That I actually read last year) is defiantly Dark Inside, I couldn't put this book down once I had started reading this and its one of the best books I have ever read with a storyline with massive plot twists. Its different chapters are from different point of views which I didn't think I would like however it was amazing! P.S This picture is not of the book!
Title: D4ark Inside Author: Jeyn Roberts

3. Make-up
There are two make-up products that I have been obsessed with this month the first one being a bronze, shimmer and highlight from revolution. The shimmer is so pretty and this is the only bronzer that I have been able to use and blend in well but still not look obvious. The other make-up item is a Matte finish lipstick, Bourjois Rouge Edition velvet in the colour Nude-ist. This is such a pretty nude/pink colour and it stays on for most of the day!

4. Perfume:

This perfume has a beautiful fragrance which I wear daily, I wouldn't wear it on a night out but in the day as it is light but not to overpowering. The bottle is also beautiful and is a large size so I wont run out any time soon.

5. Necklace

This beautiful piece is by a youtuber called Anna Saccone, this necklace I got for christmas which was very unexpected as I thought it was going to be to much money. I wear this everyday and it goes with everything. I got it in the star sign Libra and in rose gold.
Here is where you can get one

Comment what you have been loving this month!!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

ITS 2016!!!

Okay so first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you spent the night partying or staying in with family or friends. I for one went out to a party that was also a birthday party and had such a good time, Ill include pictures at the end.

However with the new year brings new year resolutions that I will probably never complete but we can hope right?

1: HAVE MORE FUN: Stop being so hesitant to try new things, go new places and meet new people. I've recently started doing this and I have had so much more fun rather than staying in doing nothing but watching TV. I want to be more spontaneous and just live life,

2.DON'T GET OVERWHELMED: With college comes ALOT of assignments especially since mine is a BTEC course (since there are no A-levels available for my course) therefore I keep getting very stressed and end up not completing the assignments to the best of my ability so I need to keep calm and remember I only have a year and a bit left.

3.TAKE MORE ADVENTURES: As well as wanting to go on a small holiday I want to go out and have adventures, with friends, family or even alone. I also want to take some sweet pics so a nice background would do me well.