Saturday, 23 August 2014

Holiday Burn

14 miles, but worth the view
I hope your ready for a pile of pictures because I have loads to share.

Where do I start, well Me, Hollie (cousin), My brother, my younger cousin and my aunty all went on holiday together. We went to Burnham and stayed in a caravan.

To start off the holiday was the drive down there, which ended up being 4 hours. Good thing we had my hella good playlist on replay.
Outside the caravan 
We made a stop off at Starbucks, obviously..

We went everyday, and meet some cute pool boys,

Ahh, the 'pool boys' we named them pool boys because we always and I mean always saw them in the pool. Then when we were playing pool in the arcade they where there too! But then, we later found out they had girlfriends. It was literally so depressing :'D even though we had talked to them once.
It hurt so bad

So, while swimming and checking out the hot life guards. Everyone got kicked out the pool, we found out it was because some had pooped YES POOPED in the pool. The same water we was swimming in and accidentally swallowing. We all ran back to the caravan.

On our way up Brean down

My skirt flew up that day, my dignity gone.

We won

We went and walked up Brean Down, 14 miles! The view was worth it though. Our great nans ashes where spread up by the old fourt and things got pretty emotional. We had a picnic and talked about poo alot. The whole holiday was a laugh.

This was about half way up...

We also went into the town and I got presents for everyone,

We also got to see Same Difference preform, the guy was so damn hot. But also very cheesy.

The sun was amazing and we stopped and had chips on the beach, oh how British of us.
That fingertip tho.

I also got chased down by seagulls


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