Monday, 9 May 2016

Trip to Slimbridge

I had a college trip on Friday which I was half looking forward to and half not, half not because of the weather. Yes I hate the sun. There I said it, well I dont hate the sun I hate the heat that comes with it. Maybe its because I get bad hay fever or maybe its because I dont feel comfortable wearing shorts or crop tops, YET.

However that being said, I had an AMAZING time, it was such a cute place and I was with amazing people. The first part of the journey was a nightmare I have to say. I forgot how uncomfortable it was to be on a coach especially when I am not small and have long legs meaning I was uncomfortable most of the way there. When we finally got off the coach we had to sit in a cinema type room where we learnt all about how Slimbridge wetland centre was helping to bring nearly extinct species back. Then we had a few more talks in some hides where I didnt really listen but just took some BOMB ass photos.

I have to say my favourite part about the trip apart from getting to take pictures and feeding the (Vicious) Swans it was the picnic we had. We had all brought foods like strawberries,grapes, jaffa cakes, Jam tarts etc. And ended up with having ALOT of food which we could not finish but the settign was beyond beautiful we had a lake in the background and grass with the BLAZING sun which was actually nice plus I didnt get any hayfever! 

Have any of you guys visited one of the centres before? 

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