Sunday, 6 April 2014


So my best friend (aka, Guess What Hollie on here) did a why we work. I thought I would do it too. 

                  Why we work:               

~We can be really mean to each other and not get offended, people sometimes ask if we hate each other. And we say yes

~She loves most of the same things I love, the same tv programs and films. 

~She has the best style in the world, and she is also the same size as me so you know.

~She introduces me to new things, actually Hollie is the reason I'm on here. 

~I can tell her secrets and I know she wont tell anyone

~We always make up after an argument

~She is the best

~We grew up together, no awkwardness 

~She goes up to buy my underwear because i'm to embarrassed 

Basically she da best


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