Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The L word


So, my biggest celebrity crush, at the moment would be dylan O'brien. I mean come on, who could resist that face! And even though I have never met him or even know what he is like in 'real person' I could easily say I love him but when it comes to saying it to boys in real life, it terrify's me.

I mean who knows what love is, what happens if I say it and I might not mean it? What happens if they dont love me back, what if what if WHAT IF WHAT IF!
I know that most girls and boys will agree with me to even tell someone they may LIKE them, to actually go up to someone and say I think I have feelings for you. The fear of rejection. I know thats it for me, for me to confess my feelings to someone and for them to say, "oh, well I like you just as a friend" and dont get me wrong I know most people might not like me back but for me that would be humiliating and I would feel like they are going to go and tell the whole world that I like them. That could just be my anxiety or I could just be paranoid.

But anyways I just wanted to write that down, I dont know why but hey ho.

Who is your celebrity crush?


  1. Dylan is definitely my boyfriends crush ATM, haha! I know what you mean about how easily the L word slips off the tongue when you're referring to a celebrity, but that's because in your mind you can't embarrass yourself when you don't know them. To love something/someone and be BE in love are 2 very different emotions that's why I think we as humans allow ourselves to be completely obsessed by well-known strangers (celebrities) because it's not absolute love in it's purest form and can never be. But the people we know and actually 'have a chance with' are the people we CAN fall in love with, so it's all a bit scary and cringy and embarrassing and borderline hell for us people with anxiety! x

    Lilie. Mint Candy Lilies

    1. Wow, that was probably the best explanation I have heard. Thats so right!