Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How to not be bored?

Okay, so this happens a lot for me, like alotalot. So I came up with five things that I found out that can make you... unbored?

  • Dance     
I do this all the time, grab your phone put it in the speaker, or use headphones and just rock out. Jamming out is the best thing to do when I'm bored. It might sound weird but I like to dance in-front of the mirror, I don't mean dance I mean DANCE play around mess about. I end up laughing at myself. And if your with friends, dance with them have a dance party. 

  • Films
If your stuck for things to do, go and find a film that you haven't watched. I did this a couple days ago and I ended up watching the lucky one and the notebook (which I cried all the way through) they were really good films though, the only reason it took me ages to watch them was because I didn't want to watch them alone because I have heard how sad it was. But now I'm glad i watched it alone otherwise people would've witnessed my sobbing snotty in all the glory. And I also watched world war Z which was fricking amazing!

  • Play with makeup 
I do this all the time, I just muck around with makeup making myself into a clown or whatever I feel like. Although this can sometimes be a waste so I use my old makeup but it does cure being bored but only until you get bored of doing the make up. 

  • Clean up
Yes I am suggesting to tidy up and no I'm not crazy. I like to clean up because its better than just sitting there and it needs to be done anyway and it takes my mind off being bored. I also like to blast music while tidying. And I feel great afterwards because it will be clean. 

  • Work out! 
Again, I'm not crazy. Working out gets your mind off being bored and being in pain instead. And again after you will feel great knowing the fact you have worked out. 

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