Thursday, 17 April 2014

The fairy tale Tag

So Guess what Hollie did a tag, and I couldn't resist this one.

Snow White- Do you consider yourself beautiful? 
I would say no, although I take alot of selfies. 

Sleeping Beauty-How many hours do you sleep at night?
It depends, if its a school night probably 4,5 hours. But if its the weekend then it could be like 11 hours because I can sleep in.

Cinderella- Do you have a curfew?
I don't tend to stay out that long really, but it would probably be maybe seven or eight. 

Rapunzel- Do you love being outside?
Absolutely, I love going on walks and hikes. I walked along hadrians wall once, well not all of it. But I love to stay at home and cuddle into my blanket too. 

Red Riding Hood- Do you trust strangers easily?
No, I dont

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids- What makes someone beautiful in your eyes?
If someone has a really good sense of humor. Its like the most attractive thing ever.

The Little Mermaid- What would you sacrifice for love?
For love? I dont really know, I mean obviously I would die for my family. But I have never been IN love with someone. 

The Frog Prince- What do you find disgusting?
People with no manners, I don't know what it is it just irritates me and gets me angry. 

Jack and the Beanstalk- Do you have any plants?
There is in the garden,

Puss in Boots- Do you have any pets? If not do you want any?
Yes I have my dog that I couldn't love more, he is a sheep dog called Timmy. He is huge. I have a picture of him and me when he was a puppy and I was little, Its the best picture ever but its an actual photo and I dont have it online but I will soon. 

 Bluebeard- What is your weak point?
Anxiety. I hate it, although I have only had one panic attack I don't want anymore. My social anxiety is the worst. I have been trying to get stronger though by going outside my comfort zine with talking to new people.

Pinnocio- What is your biggest wish?
That I could be a successful actress? I don't really know.

Peter Pan- What is your mental age?
Very very very young, four maybe. 

The Star Money- What is your most valuable possession?
I don't really know, as Hollie did she said if there was a fire what is the first thing I would grab. It would be one of the photo albums with all the old photos. 

Gold Mary & Pitch Mary?- Are you a hard worker or a lazy one?
Honestly a lazy one, although I can work hard.

The Snow Queen- Who is your best friend? What would you do for them?

The Princess and the Pea- Are you sensitive?
Yes, I cry over everything. 

Godfather Death- What qualities make a good parent?
That they listen to you which my mom and dad do. But if I want to talk about something serious I would most likely talk to my mom. And to be fun which is both my mom and dad but I would play fight with my dad. I'm so lucky that they are both still together and the two qualities work great together.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses/ The Worn-Out Dancing shoes- Do you like
Yes yes yes yes. Although ngl I prefer a family party with the big halls and the dancing. 

The Emperor's New Clothes - Do you care a lot about your clothing?

The Brave Little Tailor - Do you consider yourself brave?
Maybe, I mean I am brave to go on rollercosters. But that's about it.

I tag everyoneeeeeeeeee

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